How to use Jessner peel

The Jessner peel is a solution consisting 14% lactic acid and 14 % salicit acid peeling agent with a resorcinol solvent. This is a strong chemical peel that is known for delivering great results. The peel can be used to lighten areas of Hyperpigmentation and to treat acne scarred and aging skin.

The peel should be applied by experienced peel users so that you can avoid complications when you apply in the wrong form. The solution is applied with gentle, light on to the skin and should be layered: A mild stinging sensation may be felt for a few minutes after application. The Jessner peeling can be applied every two to three weeks until desired results are achieved.

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After the peel application have been done you should expect the skin to progressively deepened and turn brown in color. You should avoid applying anything on your face before the peeling has been done .Also you can avoid direct sunlight or excessive dryness since you may feel discomfort before you have peeled off the solution. This process may range from mild stinging, mild swelling and then finally peeling.

The peel is designed for more extensive damaged than an AHA can improve. Your skin technician removes and apply a glycolic cleanser over your face to fully remove the oils and horny layers so that your jessner solution will penetrate properly.If you have any autoimmune diseases or had gone through any chemotherapy or recent radioactive treatment you are not advised to use any of the peel products. If you are also pregnant it is not advisable to use the peel.

When you are done with the application of our TYT products you should be able to resume your normal activities, but there may be aesthetic after for about one week. Our product is a medical quality peel, and by purchasing this Item you will be accepting all responsibilities for its use. If you have any skin problems you can contact professional before using any of the product since they contains a strong acid and it is not advisable to use on your own. Our Jessner peel is affordable in our cosmetics shops and by purchasing our products you agree to hold the seller harmless for any ill effect that might be resulted from improper and proper use of the peel. You can purchase our products through MF online and enjoy the soft sensation that you longed for.

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